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Installation Guides & Tech Notes

The documents below are supplied as a guide only. Please contact our team or the technical team directly for project specific advice.


Before you start to install...


- Consult the relevant Product & Technical Catalogue,

- Submit a Project Information Form to us for assessment,

- Undergo tool training (which we can do onsite for your OH&S).



AusPress Press-Fit

Installation Guides

- AusPress Stainless Metric Installing & Tooling Selection [PDF]

- AusPress Copper Installing & Tooling Selection DN15-50 [PDF]

- AusPress Copper Installing & Tooling Selection DN65-100 [PDF]

AusPress Technical

- AusPress Press-Fit Technical Catalogue Section [PDF]

AusPress Tech Notes

- TN.01 Chloride & Stainless [PDF]

- TN.02 Press-Fit for Oil, Diesel & Viscous Liquids [PDF]

- TN.04 Insulation & Stainless (Lagging) [PDF]

- TN.05 Press-Fit Offset Pressing Method [PDF]

- TN.06 AusPress Copper Tooling & Fitting Compatibility [PDF]

- TN.07 Using AusPress Underground [PDF]

- TN.08 AusPress with Steam [PDF]

Media Suitability Chart

- AusPress Suitability Guide (all AusPress systems) [PDF]



Blucher Stainless Drainage

Installation Guides

- EuroPipe Installation Guide [PDF]

Blucher Technical

- Blucher Technical Catalogue Section [PDF]

Blucher Tech Notes

- TN.01 Chloride & Stainless [PDF]



Need more information?

Please contact us and we can help with technical and product enquiries for our products. For project specific information, please complete the Project Information Sheet above and email to us for assessment.

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